The IRS’s Bank Deposit Analysis

When conducting an audit involving income tax returns, the IRS will almost always check for unreported income. The IRS has specific procedures for conducting this type of income verification. This often involves a bank deposit analysis by the IRS agent. This type of analysis can be used to identify unreported income, but it can also……


The Qualified Nonpersonal Use Vehicle

What Congress provides with one provision, it often takes away with another. This can result in legal challenges whereby the court creates exceptions. The exceptions can be modified and qualified by later legislation. This creates a labyrinth that one has to navigate to determine how an item is treated for federal income tax purposes. The……


IRS Documentation for Travel Expenses

Business travel expenses are deductible. These are expenses for business trips and work trips, such as car and truck expenses, airfare and hotels and lodging. It can also include travel meals. Those looking to deduct business trip expenses are running a risk as the IRS frequently disallows these expenses on audit. It does so even……

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