Kreig Law LLC

Probate & Estate Attorneys

Kreig LLC is a boutique law firm that focuses on death and the orderly transition of assets and property. It handles estate planning, probate administrations, probate and fiduciary litigation, real estate, and asset protection in Texas.

Kreig LLC’s goal is to be the premier estate and probate law firm in the United States. It is well on its way.

Client-Focused, Efficient Property Transfers

We all accumulate property throughout our lives. A lot of this property will still be here after we die. On death, the property will pass to loved ones or other third parties, such as creditors or the state.

The property may have to pass through the legal system to ensure the correct owners get clear title to the property. The probate system in Texas is formal, complex, and cumbersome.

This is where Kreig LLC comes in. The firm has created a process and online client portal to help clients through this difficult process.