The Texas Legal Works Family of Firms

Krieg LLC is a law firm that provides legal services in the areas of probate, probate litigation, and estate planning. The firm’s focus is to assist clients with the probate process, which involves the administration of a deceased person’s estate, as well as represent clients in probate litigation disputes. The firm also provides estate planning services, which help clients plan for the distribution of their assets and protect their families’ financial futures.

Mitchell Tax Law is a specialized tax law firm that offers services in tax planning, tax litigation, and resolution of tax disputes. The firm’s focus is on providing expert advice and representation to clients on tax-related issues, helping them minimize their tax liabilities and resolve any disputes with the tax authorities.

BKPR is a bookkeeping and tax preparation company based in Houston that is known for its innovative approach. The company provides comprehensive bookkeeping and tax preparation services to businesses and individuals in the Houston area, using advanced technology and a focus on customer satisfaction. BKPR’s goal is to simplify the financial management process for its clients, and help them save time and money by providing accurate and efficient services.

Axiom Edge is a financial planning firm that focuses on providing services for businesses and real estate investors. The company offers personalized financial planning services designed to help clients achieve their financial goals and maximize their investment returns. Axiom Edge’s services include retirement planning, tax planning, investment management, risk management, and more, all tailored to meet the unique needs of each business and real estate investor.

Assurance Financial is a business consulting firm that provides support for forming and registering businesses. The company offers a range of services to help entrepreneurs and business owners navigate the complexities of starting and managing a business, including entity formation, business registration, and ongoing business advice. The goal of Assurance Financial is to help its clients establish strong, legally compliant businesses that are positioned for success, and to provide ongoing support as their businesses grow and evolve over time.