New Texas Laws in Effect 2023

Several new laws went into effect in Texas on January 1, 2023, including changes to property tax collection, an expansion of the judicial branch, and an amendment to pollution standards. One of the laws, House Bill 3774, written by District 67 Representative Jeff Leach, allows for public access to the state’s court documents database with…


Can Courts Alter Wills?

One of the key principles of wills and trusts law is that a will should be given effect as written, unless it is shown that the will was procured by fraud, duress, or undue influence. This principle, known as the “rule against perpetuities,” is based on the idea that a person’s wishes should be respected…


Do You Have to Hire a Probate Attorney in Texas?

Hiring a probate attorney in Texas is generally necessary when administering a probate estate. This is due to a combination of Texas law, which requires representation of the interests of beneficiaries and creditors, and the complexity of the state’s probate laws. In Texas, individuals have the right to represent themselves in legal proceedings, but this…

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