Overcoming the IRS’s Constructive Dividends Argument

Those who own C corporations have to be careful about what amounts are paid out to or benefit the corporate shareholders. This is particularly true for closely held and family corporations. On audit, the IRS will often assert that these distributions are constructive dividends. This is usually a bad answer for taxpayers as it increases……


The Late S Corporation Election

The Subchapter S corporation remains a popular choice of entity for small and medium-sized businesses. This is true even after the TCJA of 2017 lowered the income tax rate for C corporations to 21 percent. Unlike many other changes made by the TCJA, the 21 percent flat corporate rate is permanent. It is not going……


Website Development Tax Deductions & the Start-Up Rules

There are several tax laws that have to be considered to determine when and how costs to develop websites are deductible. These expenses are almost always deductible. These tax laws raise timing questions. It’s a matter of when the expenses are deductible. For those who are developing website businesses as side-hustles, the issue takes on……

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