The IRS’s Bank Deposit Analysis

When conducting an audit involving income tax returns, the IRS will almost always check for unreported income. The IRS has specific procedures for conducting this type of income verification. This often involves a bank deposit analysis by the IRS agent. This type of analysis can be used to identify unreported income, but it can also……


The Crime-Fraud Exception to the Attorney-Client Privilege

Our laws protect certain communications. This includes communications with doctors, religious advisors, spouses, and even attorneys. When it comes to Federal tax matters, communications with tax attorneys are usually at the forefront. The IRS often seeks information about these communications to help it figure out how the taxpayer structured their affairs. The attorney-client privilege is……


The U.S. Tax Court: 1 Day Late

In many ways the U.S. Tax Court is a court and operates like other courts. But in other ways, the U.S. Tax Court is more akin to a government agency. This quasi-court status has raised a number of interesting issues about how to litigate a case in tax court and what standards apply and what……

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