Will a Court Accept “I Didn’t Know” as an Excuse for Not Complying with Probate Deadlines?

Probate is a court process that kicks in when someone dies. As this case shows, if you are a potential executor of a will and don’t file for probate within the allotted time, you might not get a second chance. Terminology Holographic Will: A holographic will is a will that is entirely handwritten and signed…


Alternatives to Probate in Texas: Small Estate Affidavit

Should You Try to Avoid Probate in Texas? Unlike other states, Texas has a plain-language and simplified probate system. This isn’t new. Some version of this layman-friendly probate system has been around since the 19th century. In many other states, people seek to avoid probate with complicated estate planning. That’s not necessary in Texas. The…

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