Is Your Texas Will Invalid?

When Is a Texas Last Will and Testament Invalid? After someone dies, their will is often one of the first things that needs to be dealt with. But what happens when a will is invalid? In Texas, there are a few different circumstances that can render a will null and void. Learn more about what…


Does a Probate Court’s Order Have to Be Final to Be Appealable?

In a recent case, St. John v. Hearne, a Texas probate court granted a bill of review but did not dispose of contested issues. The Court of Appeals noted that granting a bill of review does not terminate the proceedings and is not equivalent to final judgment for purposes of appeal. Legal Terminology Interlocutory Appeal…


What’s the Proper Probate Venue When Co-Defendants Live in Different Texas Counties?

Legal Terminology Pleas of Privilege Raises an objection to the venue of an action. Article 1995, Revised Civil Statutes (Code): Subdivision 4: States that there must be a resident defendant for a bona fide cause of action, and a non-resident defendant must either be a necessary or a proper party. Subdivision 29a: States that the…

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