Will a Court Accept “I Didn’t Know” as an Excuse for Not Complying with Probate Deadlines?

Probate is a court process that kicks in when someone dies. As this case shows, if you are a potential executor of a will and don’t file for probate within the allotted time, you might not get a second chance. Terminology Holographic Will: A holographic will is a will that is entirely handwritten and signed…


What’s the Proper Probate Venue When Co-Defendants Live in Different Texas Counties?

Legal Terminology Pleas of Privilege Raises an objection to the venue of an action. Article 1995, Revised Civil Statutes (Code): Subdivision 4: States that there must be a resident defendant for a bona fide cause of action, and a non-resident defendant must either be a necessary or a proper party. Subdivision 29a: States that the…


Evidence That a Will Was Not Revoked

Terminology Intestate Heirs: Individuals who are legally entitled to inherit from the estate of someone who does not leave a valid will. Probate Case Estate of Glover, 744 S.W.2d 939 (Tex. 1988) Circumstances & Procedural History: Proving a New or Old Will This case pertained to a will contest between a will beneficiary and several…

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