Is Your Texas Will Invalid?

When Is a Texas Last Will and Testament Invalid? After someone dies, their will is often one of the first things that needs to be dealt with. But what happens when a will is invalid? In Texas, there are a few different circumstances that can render a will null and void. Learn more about what…


The Process of Appointing a Temporary Probate Administrator

Temporary Administration in Texas The court is required to appoint a temporary administrator if the judge determines that there is an immediate need to appoint a personal representative. The courts do not favor temporary administrations. They are often viewed as an unnecessary expense. The party seeking a temporary administration has to convince the court that…


Relief on Irrevocable Trust from Harris County Probate Court Affirmed

An irrevocable trust is a legal arrangement where the creator (settlor) of the trust transfers assets to another person or entity (trustee), while retaining the right to receive income generated by the trust and/or take possession of the trust property at a later date. If you are considering setting up an irrevocable trust, here’s a…

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